Don’t waste a badly taken picture, turn it into an unforeseen digital artwork


What do you do when you have taken a bad photographic picture? Well take another shot at it of course until you get it right, or at least until you feel you got it right. There is another use for it, no, not for your background on your desktop, phone, or profile… you can edit the picture into something. Be artistic about it, use all the tools available. Don’t waste a potential picture (image) by deleting it, unless the picture turned out so bad it’s just not worth it. But then again, I had fun turning sometime so bad into something abstract. Give it a try sometime. You can modify an image so much that no one could have thought that was a terrible photo shot.  What may have seemed a bad photographic picture, is now turned into a beautiful work of art. Use tools like Photoshop or Fireworks.

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