Post-Sunset, What happened to Mycanda previously?


This was the cover art that was applied to Mycanda on Twitter and Facebok back in late 2013 and early 2014 respectively. During that time I conceived the idea of Mycanda and what to do with it. However, I started it, but went off to doing something else during that time. Now, 2017, I decided to relaunch Mycanda and the ideas to do with it. This post-sunset closes that old chapter, and now we start anew.

You can find this image on Mycanda’s Gallery on DeviantArt. [See more by Mycanda on Deviantart here.]

[Originally posted on, ©2014-2017 Mycanda]

About Mycanda


Born and raised in NYC, Daniel has been into computer repairing and building for years. Resolving friends and family computer and other electronic issues. What once started as a hobby became a career path. Now, venturing out to learning and applying more on to the internet.

In Summary About Me: Computer technician (repair and building), business student with concentration in Information Systems and minor in digital arts, experimenting with photography, digital graphics, creative writing, and computer programming.


Mycanda is on: Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt

The contents produced are across various distribution channels, platforms and domains.

Mycanda credits all the partners for the support and contributions made to every project done. No one man can do it all.