Experience the objects in Visual Basic

In this project, there are multiple types of objects used to experience how the objects work and what there purpose is. Some of the objects used are textboxes, group boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons. The program is designed as if you were a college student. Once again, its a simple program to experience how some of the objects are used in Visual Basic.

[ Experience some objects used in VB (P3) ]

If you haven’t seen the update on the Day, Date, and Time project in VB, check it out here on Github.

[ Day-Date-Time-InVB ]

Of course, leave comments about the program. I welcome feedback. 🙂

Visual BASIC, Average Weight Calculator


A Fitness Challenge – Team Weight Loss Program == Average Weight Calculator

This program, written in Visual Basic, was a completed class assignment. Its basically a calculator, simply to give you the average of the number values you enter into the prompt. There is a max of 8 entries, you do not have to give 8 entries. Canceling after a couple or few entries will still give you an average of the entries you entered.

This is published on Github for anyone to use and modify. The solution files are within the zip file for modifying, debugging, and releasing.

Please leave feedback on what you think of this simple program.

[Find Mycanda on Github]